Donate to Our Shelter
There are several ways to donate and help the hundreds of animals who come through our doors annually. We have listed below several options. Or, if you prefer, donate your time by volunteering or drop off items from our wish list.

When your pet is adopted, we will contact you by email and you can choose another one of our wonderful pets to transfer the remainder of your sponsorship to. Or you can leave the decision to us if you prefer. Please consider being a part of this important fundraiser. With your support, we can find good homes for all our residents deemed adoptable. If you'd like, you can give your sponsorship to honor someone you love, or remember a beloved pet by helping other animals find new homes. A pet sponsorship can also be a great advertisement for companies!

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Special Needs Animals





Sponsor a Cage
While nobody likes a cage, to an abandoned, homeless, hungry, hurt, or abused animal, a cage is a welcome haven. A cage supported by your donations for a year can help us rescue and provide temporary shelter - and finally forever homes for the many animals who pass through our doors. As a sponsor, your contribution will help us to provide care, shelter, and most of all, hope for a new life. The animal residents of the Hot Springs Animal Shelter are counting on you to help. Cage sponsorships run for one year and donations can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Planned Giving
You may make some gifts without experiencing any change in your current lifestyle. For example, you can make HSAS a beneficiary in your will, retirement plan or living trust or insurance policy.

The Hot Springs Animal Services can also be name a beneficiary by creating a new will or by including HSAS in your revocable trust.

Hot Springs Animal Services can be named as a direct beneficiary of a:
  • Specific sum of money
  • Specific asset such as stock or property
  • Percentage of an estate
We can also be named as a beneficiary of a:
  • Life insurance policy
  • Retirement account
  • Back account
  • Living or testamentary trust
To send a check via mail, download our printable form. Donations can be earmarked to go into the fund of your choice. Regardless of whether your gift is money or real estate, the HSAS thanks you graciously for your support.