Volunteer at Hot Springs Animal Services
Hot Springs Animal Services is always looking for individuals who enjoy working with animals or who would like to help the animals at the shelter through administrative duties that facilitate animal related projects. The work at our shelters is both challenging and satisfying.

Why You Should Volunteer at the Hot Springs Animal Services Shelter

  • Develop new skills while exploring the field of animal care
  • Meet new people with similar interests
  • Acquire work experience for future endeavors
  • The personal satisfaction of community service
  • Most importantly, volunteering will make life brighter for these pets looking for lifelong homes
Where You Can Start
First and foremost, decide how you would like to help! We've listed below several areas of potential interest. However, please feel free to contact us with other ideas or suggestions via email or contact Dan Bugg at 501-262-2091. Your patience is appreciated. Placing volunteers can take up to a month.

Animal Companionship
Increase our animals' chances for adoption by providing needed support and companionship through socializing, walking, training, bathing and grooming the animals.

Kennel Cleaning & Training
Volunteers also help the staff maintain a clean environment for our animals. No specific skills are required, but prior experience with animals is helpful. Volunteers are orientated and trained by our kennel staff in appropriate methods of kennel hygiene and canine basic obedience.

The Love Shift

We offer Junior Volunteers the chance to visit the cats and kittens on a weekly schedule. Junior Volunteers learn about felines and their care while socializing and grooming the animals in our center.

Front Desk Greeter - Kennel Greeter
Greeting and directing visitors is vital! Greet and assist customers as they enter the shelter. Are they looking for their own lost pet? Do they want to adopt a new furry family member? Help them find their way around!

Corporate Support - Team Project Member

Employees from local companies give their time throughout the year for one-day projects that enhance the quality of life for our animals. If your company would like to help, please contact Dan Bugg at 501-262-2091.

Outreach Events
Enjoy talking to kids? Love getting in front of a classroom? We are looking for people with teaching skills to talk to kids in our community about dog bite prevention and responsible pet ownership.

Facility Upgrade
In order to maintain and improve our facility, we can use help from volunteers with skill in gardening, painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical construction and light maintenance. This is your chance to help our animals by making the shelter a pleasant environment and giving the public a good impression of our shelter. Professional or handyman skills or an ability to do light maintenance work are required. Creativity is a plus.

Office Staff
Volunteers with good telephone skills and computer / data entry skills are needed to work in the office.