Earth Angel Update

Recycling is a process to create new items from old and used materials, this helps in reducing energy and potentially useful materials from being wasted. Aluminum cans can actually be recycled and put back on the shelf at your local grocery store in just about two months. Recycling aluminum cans can help save a great deal of energy, in fact, enough to run your home television for about three hours. Most beverage cans are made up of aluminum even though there are other products that go into it as well. If you throw away your aluminum cans, they can stay in that form for up to 500 years or more. So recycling is the way to go. The City of Hot Springs offers curbside collection of aluminum cans, newspaper, corrugated cardboard, and phone books. We encourage all residents that are not participating to give us a call at 501-321-6911, to get started with the Earth Angel program.

Last week the Earth Angels of Hot Springs recycled:
101 lbs. -Aluminum Cans
4,409 lbs. -Newspaper
336 lbs. -Corrugated Cardboard
18,940 lbs. - Yard Waste
A total of 12.06 tons of recyclable materials were kept out of the landfill!

Collection Schedule
03/04/16 - Hobson/Plain
03/07/16 – Quail Creek/Lotus Loop
03/08/16 - James/Millcreek
03/09/16 – Park Ave. Magnolia /Circle Dr.
03/10/16 - Oaklawn Park/Pine Meadows
03/11/16 - Whittington/ Quapaw-Prospect