Building Safety

Building Permits & Inspections
The Building Permits and Inspections Division administers and enforces regulatory codes and ordinances to protect local citizens. Codes enforced include: building, electrical, mechanical, gas, and plumbing.
Backflow Prevention
The Hot Springs Building Permits and Inspections Division reminds citizens that springtime, when extra water is frequently used for watering lawns, is a good time to test backflow preventers. According to the Arkansas 2003 State Plumbing Code, Section 319.9.2, all backflow preventers (RPZs) must be tested annually to help keep the public water system safe and prevent contamination of potable water.

Failure to comply may result in interruption of water service until the system is brought into compliance. Backflow preventers must be tested by a licensed backflow tester / repair technician. For additional information, contact Wade Kinnu at 501-321-6848.

Visit the American Backflow Prevention Association website or browse the resources below for additional information.