Zone Change

How to Change Your Current Zoning Designation
The process begins with the owner or a prospective purchaser submitting an application for a Zone Change and filing fee to the Planning Department. All applicants are encouraged to first meet with staff to make sure that they understand the information required for a submittal and the potential issues they may face. Applicants are also strongly encouraged to meet with neighboring owners prior to filing the application, especially if the change appears to be controversial. This allows the applicant to consider incorporating the concerns of neighbors in order to find out how best to mitigate the impact of their proposed development.

From the submittal date, it will take four to six weeks until the Planning Commission public hearing. Staff will research the request to determine the previous history relating to the site, the character of surrounding uses and zoning, the infrastructure available and consistency of the request with relevant Comprehensive Plan policies. If the requested zone is inconsistent with the current Comprehensive Plan designation, the applicant will need to submit a Comprehensive Plan Change application along with the Zoning Change application. Staff also prepares a list of nearby owners and mails them notice of the upcoming hearing; submits an advertisement of the hearing to the local newspaper; provides a sign for the applicant to post on the property; solicits comments from other departments; and prepares a staff report with analysis and recommendations. The report goes to the Planning Commission along with correspondence from the applicant and other interested parties in advance of the public hearing.

The Planning Commission holds its hearing and then votes on each application. Staff then prepares minutes of the discussion and vote and sends those, along with all the information sent to the Planning Commission, on to the elected board. The elected board holds its own hearing and votes to approve or deny the request. Applicants can choose to contract with private attorneys, planning consultants or other individuals to act as their agents in the rezoning process. For additional information, call the Planning Department at 501-321-6650.