Career Recruiting

Welcome to the Hot Springs Police Department's online recruiting center. We are delighted to know that you are interested in pursuing an exciting and rewarding career in law enforcement or that you may be considering continuing your law enforcement career with us after having served with another law enforcement agency or in the military.

We have plans in the near future to incorporate a variety of informative multimedia into our recruiting center to help you better understand the needs of our agency and the expectations and benefits of a career as a law enforcement officer.

We activate testing and application procedures once a year (or more often if deemed necessary to maintain a hiring list).

If you would like to be notified when a position becomes available or when the police officer testing process is activated you can sign up for job notifications on the Human Resources page.
PR Group
We cannot accept employment applications at the Police Department. If you are interested in applying for a police department position or if you have questions about employment at the police department call Hot Springs Human Resources at 501-321-6841 or visit their office at 133 Convention Blvd, Hot Springs, AR, directly across from Summit Arena. In the meantime please review the documents below that will help familiarize you the various requirements and benefits of of law enforcement employment.

Police Pay Tables
 This schedule provides the rates of pay at each rank
Automatic Disqualifiers
 The circumstances that automatically preclude certain applicants from consideration
Document List
 The list of documents that an applicant will need to provide in the application process
Police Officer Benefits
 The benefits package that comes with police officer employment
Job Description
 The job general job requirements and expectations
 Applications for police officer positions may be obtained at City of Hot Springs Human Resources