Child ID Program

The Child ID Program allows for children within the community to be fingerprinted for identification purposes. The set of fingerprints are given to the parents for safekeeping. This program was modeled after the efforts of the National Child Identification Program. The physical appearance of children tends to change very rapidly; almost from month to month in the very young. On the contrary, a person's fingerprints never change so in the worst case scenario if a child went missing he or she could be readily identified at any age from the fingerprints collected in this program. Fingerprints are composed of a unique combination of ridges that make patterns and other distinguishing marks. Fingerprinting is the only notably unchanged and infallible means of identifying individuals. In 80 years of fingerprint classification, no two identical sets have ever been found. By having your child fingerprinted by on eof the community programs you are helping us help you if your family should ever experience as tragedy such as this.To inquire about our Child ID Program contact one of our Public Relations officers on the right of this page.