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Human Resources

  1. Award for Excellence

    In addition to the nomination form, a written nomination describing why this person is being nominated must be included. The nomination... More…

  2. Spotlight Award
  1. City of Hot Springs Online Job Application

    Application for Non-Uniformed Job Openings

  2. Supervisor of the Year

    To honor a supervisor who demonstrates consistent outstanding performance and is able to instill pride to those under his/her... More…

Parks & Recreation


    This event doesn't happen without volunteers. Many of you help every year--if you like what you've been doing, please sign up for that... More…

  2. Parks and Trails Volunteer Program Sign-up Form
  3. Vertical Pole Banner Request
  1. Event Request Form
  2. Trail Watch End of Shift Report

Police Department

  1. Complaint/Commendation Form

    You may use this form to express a complaint or commendation regarding an administrative or performance issue only. This is not a... More…

  2. House Watch Request

    You must be logged in to the web site in order to use the House Watch Request Form. House Watch is a courtesy provided by the Hot... More…

  3. Police Services Resident Survey: How Are We Doing?

    This survey is provided to Hot Springs residents as a means of collecting information about public insight and sentiment regarding the... More…

  1. Crime Solvers Tip Form

    Crime Solvers is a crime tip form that citizens can submit anonymously (if they prefer) from the safety and comfort of their home or... More…

  2. Litter Complaint Form
  3. Traffic Enforcement Request

    This form is used to request the placement of our stationary radar display unit or to request additional traffic enforcement support in... More…

Public Information

  1. City of Hot Springs Website Survey

    Provide input concerning your opinion of the City of Hot Springs new web site.