O'Kame Cherry (Prunus X incamp "O'Kame")

Location and Notable Facts

  • Other names
    • N/A
  • Scientific Family
    • Rosaceae (Rose Family)
  • Discovery
    • Hybridized in early 20th Century by Collingwood Ingram.
  • Size (Width/Height/Growth/DBH)
    • Reaching 25 feet in height and 20 feet in width
  • Colors
    • Fall color can be copper, orange, red to yellow
  • Bloom/Seed/Fruit
  • Blooming is early, usually in February or early March in Arkansas.
  • Flowers are single, non-fragrant and produced in mass.
  • Low-chilling flowering cherry and is one of the most reliable for southern gardens.

okame bloomPhoto credit to Greenwood Nursery

  • Leaf Arrangement
    • Simple alternate


Photo credit to NC State University

  • Bark Arrangement
    • Thin easily damaged


Photo credit to NC State University

  • Invasive/Non-invasive
    • Non-Invasive
  • Native/Non-native
    • Non-native
  • Pests/Disease
    • Can have issues with bacterial canker.
    • Susceptible to trunk borers 
  • Comparisons to similar trees
    • N/A
  • Usefulness
    •  Ornamental as Specimen Tree
  • Local Location / History:  
    • Located on Central Avenue in front of the Exchange Street Parking Deck, 128 Exchange Street
okameCherry Trees in bloom 2020 - IMG_0862