Stern's Medlar (Mespilus canescens)

Location and Notable Facts

  • Other names
    •  Medlar
  • Scientific Family
    • Rosaceae (Rose Family)
    • Believed to be a hybrid between the European Medlar and the North American Hawthorn.  The European Medlar was brought to eastern Arkansas by early settlers. 
  • Discovery
    • Discovered by Jane Stern while bird watching in 1968 near Hazen, Arkansas.
    • Only known to grow on a 22-acre site in eastern Arkansas
  • Size (Width/Height/Growth/DBH)
    •  Small tree reaching 15 to 20 feet in height
  • Colors
    •  White
  • Bloom/Seed/Fruit
    •  White 5 petal flower
    • The fruit is an almost spherical pome, 8–12 mm (0.3–0.5 in) diameter; it differs from common medlar fruit in being deep glossy red when ripe (not brown).

DSC_0106Photo credit to NC State University

  • Leaf Arrangement 
    •  Simple, non-lobed leaf


Photo credit to U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • Bark Arrangement 
    •  Patchy gray and orange bark
  • Invasive/Non-invasive
    •  Non-invasive
  • Native/Non-native
    •  Native
  • Pests/Disease
    •  N/A
  • Comparisons to similar trees
    •  Native Hawthorn
  • Usefulness
    •  Ornamental
  • Local Location / History:  
    • Located at the City of Hot Springs Greenhouse, 236 Davidson Drive