HSPD 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Click to view PDFThe Hot Springs Police Department is pleased to introduce our department’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. Our strategic plan is a guiding document that identifies our department’s priorities and presents our vision for the future.

Visit www.cityhs.net/HSPD-strategic-plan to view the PDF, or read the publication as an interactive, online flipbook.

Our plan includes contributions from our agency’s employees, as well as details that were based on feedback which was received from our online community sentiment survey in our attempt to gain input from the community and incorporate plans based on their identified needs.

The plan contains our mission and commitment statements and demonstrates our commitment to address community concerns through an insightful examination into emerging issues. It provides our path forward as we continue to grow and improve as an organization. It identifies both what we currently do well and how changes will need to take place so we can hold ourselves and others accountable to the highest standards.

The objectives and strategies highlighted in this plan are designed to support our six principal goals:

  • Building Trust and Legitimacy: Law enforcement agencies should also establish a culture of transparency and accountability to build public trust and legitimacy.
  • Policy and Oversight: Policies and procedures must be clearly articulated and readily available to the public to ensure transparency.
  • Technology and Social Media: It is our goal to implement technologies that will help promote the openness of the Hot Springs Police Department and provide ease of access to frequently asked questions and educational topics.
  • Community Policing, Crime, and Crime Reduction: Our community policing strategy is to work more closely with the community to define problems, as they see them, and collaborate on solutions.
  • Officer Training and Education: Officers of the Hot Springs Police Department will continue to receive the training mandated by this department, as well as federal and state authorities and will seek training for the department from experts around the country to ensure that the exposure received by Hot Springs Police Department officers remains at the highest possible level.
  • Officer Safety and Wellness: We will foster a culture where being physically fit is rewarded, and where taking care of personal health through proper sleep and nutrition are emphasized, and will ensure that our policies and procedures support these ideals.

This is a living document, with a review process built in that will ensure we are accomplishing our goals.

We encourage you to review our Strategic Plan initiatives, which reaffirm our commitment to professionally and proactively provide police services that enhance safety and the quality-of-life in the City of Hot Springs.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Hot Springs Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our community by ensuring the safety and wellness of all citizens, visitors, and employees. We will conduct ourselves with honesty, integrity, and fairness while holding our staff to the highest professional standards within the law enforcement community.