Basic Animal Control Laws

  • Every dog or cat four (4) months or older must be vaccinated for rabies and be licensed by the City of Hot Springs (the animal must wear the license on a collar or harness at all times). License fees for sterilized animals are $20 for a lifetime and unsterile animals are $10 yearly.
  • All dogs must be confined on the owner’s property by a fence, pen or by tethering to an approved trolley system with proper shelter and water. 
  • Any loose animals in your neighborhood should be reported to Animal Services for their safety and yours. 
  • Dogs in an open vehicle or pickup must be confined within a crate or carrier, or inside vehicle cab.
  • Residents may not exceed more than four (4) animals per household unless a kennel permit is obtained. Kennel Permit fees are $100.00 for the first year and $50 for each year after. 
  • Penned animals must be kept clean and sanitary and should not give off offensive odors. 


  • This includes intentional cruelty, such as shooting or poisoning, and neglect. 
  • Cruelty to animals (including neglect) is a punishable crime in Hot Springs. Cruelty includes physical abuse and abuse by neglect, which is failure to provide adequate shelter, food, water and medical care.
  • Animal bites that break the victim's skin must be reported to Animal Services immediately. These animals must be quarantined for a period of ten (10) days regardless of vaccination status (Quarantine is required by State law). The owner of the animal is responsible for all costs. If an animal is vaccinated, a home quarantine can take place.
  • The keeping of exotic wildlife including carnivore, innately wild animals, non-human primates and venomous reptiles is prohibited.
  • Leaving animals at the shelter gate at any time, is considered animal cruelty.
  • Contact Animal Services for complete listing of applicable Animal Control Laws or additional information.

REMEMBER: As a pet owner, you are responsible for following all animal ordinances in Hot Springs. Failure to do so could result in fines up to $525.

Animal Services is responsible for picking up and disposing of dead animals. To have an animal removed, call Hot Springs Animal Services at (501) 262-2091.

Be a responsible pet owner!

  • Make sure your pet is always wearing its tag.
  • Follow all animal ordinances for your pet's safety and for your own.
  • Have your pet checked regularly by a veterinarian, and make sure your pet is current on all vaccinations.
  • Provide adequate confinement for your pet. A properly fenced dog will not be in danger of being hit by a car or possibly contracting disease.
  • Take heed of weather conditions. Just like humans, pets are sensitive to extreme temperatures.
  • For more information on properly caring for your pet, call your veterinarian.
  • The City of Hot Springs Animal Shelter has a number of dogs and cats that need loving homes. Visit our facility to meet some of our eligible animals. Our adoption fee is $55 for felines and $75 for canines, includes rabies vaccination, microchipping and spay/neuter. Give a lonely dog or cat a home. You'll be saving a life and gaining a best friend!
  • Children must be taught how to properly treat our furry friends. Teaching a child responsibility and respect for animals reduces the chance of animal bites and scratches, and makes them a responsible pet owner in the future. 
  • Animal Service Officers work to protect you. The Animal Services Staff appreciates your cooperation with animal control situations.
  • Your pet cannot talk. If he is lost, the only hope of identifying him is his city dog license or a microchip. You should have a picture of your pet, as well as a description including height, weight, age, color and distinctive markings. These items will help us determine whether or not your pet is in our care.
  • For after-hour emergencies, call the Hot Springs Police Department at 501-321-6789.