Bus Routes & Schedule

Last updated: 4/8/2021

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Route 1

Route 2

Route 3

Transportation Plaza:10Transportation Plaza:10Transportation Plaza:10
Central & Grand avenues:13Levi Towers:15Central Avenue & Reserve Street:12
Central Avenue & Greenwood Street:15Hobson Avenue & Thornton Street:23Central Avenue & Fountain Street:14
Central Avenue & Oaklawn Street:18Hobson Avenue &
N. Mission Street
:25Park Avenue & Oriole Street:17
CHI St. Vincent Hospital  :26West Gate Plaza:29Walnut/Whittington:22
Higdon Ferry Road & Twin Points Road:30Mid America Park/National Park College:35948 Whittington Avenue:25
Temperance Hill Square:33

Transportation Plaza:35

Malvern Avenue & Lowery Street:39

Hot Springs Mall :35Mid America Boulevard/Mountain Pine Road:36National Park Medical Center:41
Wal-mart (Central):40Wal-mart (Albert Pike):45Ridgeway Street & Malvern Avenue:42
Central Avenue & Cornerstone Plaza:43Mowery-Wyatt Plaza:50Malvern Avenue & Silver Street:44
Market Place :46Richard Street & Albert Pike Road:52Illinois & Wade streets:46
Central Avenue & Oaklawn Street :47Ouachita & West Grand avenues:54Mountain View Towers:52
Central Avenue & Greenwood Street :50Transportation Plaza:00City Hall:55
Transportation Plaza 

Transportation Plaza:00