9-1-1 Emergency Communications

If you have an EMERGENCY requiring immediate assistance, dial 9-1-1 from any phone.

When you dial 9-1-1 the first question you will be asked is:
"9-1-1 what is the address of your emergency?"

The dispatcher answering the call will also gather the following information:
Your address
Your telephone number
Type of emergency/follow up questions  

Your name

You will also be asked to repeat your address and phone number for verification. This is to ensure we are sending help to the right location.  

The questions will vary depending on the type of call, please answer all of the questions the 9-1-1 dispatcher asks.  They need the information not only for your safety, but for the safety of the responding police, fire, and ambulance personnel.

Examples of law enforcement related emergencies
report of a crime in progress
report a domestic argument
report of a traffic accident where injuries may be present

Examples of fire related emergencies
fire where life or property is in danger
carbon monoxide detectors sounding
motor vehicle accidents with injuries
gas odor or suspected leaks
lifeline alarms

Examples of EMS related emergencies
chest pain/heart problems
difficulty breathing
uncontrolled bleeding
sudden or severe illness
back injuries
anytime someone is seriously hurt or in danger

Our 911 dispatchers are trained professionals who are readily available to assist you in any emergent situation at any given time.