Spay / Neuter Clinic

The Big Fix
The Big Fix is our name for the John Seales Animal Services Center's in-house spay / neuter clinic, where pet owners who adopt a dog or cat from Animal Services can get their pet “fixed” at the same facility.

The program works like this: The owner adopts a dog for $55 or a cat for $35 and makes an appointment to bring the pet back shortly to the shelter for spay/neuter services, which are included in the adoption fee.

The goal of The Big Fix is to make it as convenient as possible for pet owners to comply with city ordinance, which requires all pets adopted at the city’s shelter to be spayed or neutered. Those not in compliance may face pet reclamation, citation and/or a fine. Spaying or neutering adopted pets helps significantly reduce the numbers of homeless animals in the community. It is hoped that the clinic will eventually become an outreach for resident pet owners that need its services, but do not have the financial means.