Recruit Hiring Process

Physical Assessment

Applicants who do not successfully complete ALL components of the agility test will be immediately disqualified from the current hiring process.

  1. Climb an aerial truck ladder. The ladder will be extended 60 feet and 60-degrees. The applicant must ascend and descend within 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

  2. Complete 1.5 mile run within 13 minutes. 

Upon completion of the 1.5 mile run within the allotted time, recruit will have a 5-minute break. This break will start when all recruits have completed the run.

   3. Complete 35 bent knee sit-ups (military style) within 2-minutes or less. 

Starting position for the sit-ups will be back on the ground, knees bent and feet on ground (recruit’s feet will be held by a spotter). Ending position for the sit-ups will be when the base of your neck is above the base of your spine. From the starting position to the ending position counts as one sit-up. 

The spotter will confirm the sit-ups and maintain the count. The applicant's hands will remain behind the head with fingers laced, if fingers become unlocked at any time during a sit-up that rep will not be counted. 

Any one sit-up may be disqualified due to the following:

  1. Failure to lift upper body to a vertical position
  2. Failure to keep fingers laced behind your head
  3. Raise your buttocks off the ground 

Upon completion of the sit-ups within the allotted time, recruit will have a 2-minute break. This break will start when all recruits have completed the sit-up evolution. 

 4. Complete 25 push-ups (military style). There is NO time limit for push-ups. 

During the push-up evolution, both hands and both feet must remain in contact with the ground (4 points of contact). 

The UP position is arms extended with body maintaining a straight line from your head down through your heels. Your hips and torso should remain straight and your hips should never arch or drop from the straight line. The UP position is also the resting position (your knees can not touch when in the UP/Resting position). 

The DOWN position is when your body is lowered until the sternum touches a 4-inch spacer. Starting in the UP position, DOWN and UP is counted as one push-up. A spotter will confirm push-ups and maintain the count. 

Any one push-up may be disqualified due to the following:

  1. Not making contact with spacer
  2. Arching or dropping of the hips or torso during a push-up.
    1. A recruit may be disqualified from the entire evolution due to the following:
  3. Not maintaining 4 points of contact
  4. Any part of the body touches the ground, other than hands and feet
  5. Resting in a position other than the UP/Resting position

Upon completion of the push-ups, recruit will have a 2-minute break. This break will start when all recruits have completed the push up evolution

 5. Carry a 125-pound weighted bar and walk 100-feet. There is NO time limit for this evolution. 

Upon completion of the 125-pound carry, recruit will have a minimum 2-minute break.

 6. In a standing position, the recruit will hold a 15-pound dumbbell. From this position, the recruit will bend at the waist (not the knees)       and touch the weight to the ground on the outside of the foot. This movement will be alternated to each side, 7 times each side, and  be completed within 35 seconds or less. 

    Upon completion of waist bends, recruit will have a minimum 2-minute break.

 7. Carry a section of 3-inch hose rolled in a donut roll across a 2-inch x 4-inch beam for 20 feet without stepping off the beam. Recruit will be allowed one practice attempt. There is NO time limit for the beam walk.

Written Examination

A score of 70% or higher is required to qualify for a personal interview with the City of Hot Springs Civil Service Commission. 


Each qualified applicant will be scheduled for an interview with the Civil Service Commission.  After the interviews, the Civil Service Commissioners will rate each interviewed applicant based on their qualifications for becoming a firefighter. Those applicants who accumulate enough total points during this process will then be placed on an eligibility list in the order of ranking i.e., the applicant scoring the highest number of points will be #1, the applicant scoring the second highest number of points will be #2, etc.  When a vacancy occurs, the Fire Chief has the option of selecting from the top three candidates on the eligibility list at that time.  

Background Investigation

Once the Chief has made this selection, a thorough background investigation will be conducted on the selected individual.  If the results are satisfactory, a conditional offer of employment will then be extended, subject to the successful completion of medical examinations, as well as a negative drug test.

*If a candidate is disqualified at any time during the recruiting procedure, their name will be removed from the eligibility list, and the Chief will then make another selection from the top three remaining candidates on the list.*