Hazardous Materials Response Team

Burch HazmatThe Hazardous Materials (Haz-Mat) Response Team is a regional team that can monitor the air quality over large areas and have real time readings displayed at the command center. They have lab quality technology that will allow staff to identify most unsubstantiated substances that is encountered. Staff also has the capability to respond and detect/monitor for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive (CBRNE) events.

Within the division, Haz-Mat technicians, who have extensive training in the CBRNE threat, indicators, and response, make up the Joint Hazard Assessment Team (JHAT). This team is mobilized for specific high occupancy events that are held in Hot Springs. JHAT is supported by local law enforcement, the 61st Civil Support Team, and the FBI. 

Nationally, JHAT operate in the background of high profile events, high occupancy events, and professional sporting events throughout the United States. These selected individuals have hundreds of hours of technical training through the Center of Domestic Preparedness and the National Training & Education Division.