Fleet Service

IMG_4938enhancedThe 16-person Fleet Service Department maintains every city vehicle - a total of 726 units. Each vehicle is required to undergo scheduled maintenance every 5,000 miles or 150 hours for oil changes, and 30,000 miles or 900 hours for transmission services.

Fleet provides 24-hour emergency city vehicle service. All mechanics are ASE certified. Fleet handles all accident repairs, obtaining estimates, meetings with insurance adjusters and vehicle repairs at local body shops. It also has an on-site body shop for small repairs and painting. Fleet service also maintains the city’s truck wash facility and an on-site, self-serving fueling island.

Go Green Fleet Service recycles salvageable scrap metal, used motor oil and cardboard. Fleet Service also uses waste-oil heaters, which operate from used motor oil. Fleet Service uses nitrogen in tires; visit getnitrogen.org for all of the benefits. Fleet Service uses a small utility car that’s diesel powered for fuel conservation on site property.

Surplus Sales

Fleet Service obtains higher prices for city surplus vehicles and equipment by auctioning them online instead of holding an annual surplus sale.