rain gardens on Park Avenue - IMG_0102

  1. Use Complete Streets principles when designing new streets. [Related Actions EN 3IN 1-2CSFI 1, CSFI 14, CSFI 18]
  2. Transform key streets into Complete Streets[Related Actions EN 3IN 1-2CSFI 1, CSFI 12, CSFI 14, CSFI 18]
  3. Ensure major roadways are safe, multimodal, and accommodate traffic demand[Related Actions IN 1-5CSFI 10-12, CSFI 18]
  4. Improve multimodal links to regional destinations. [Related Actions IN 3ED 17CSFI 14]
  5. Link neighborhoods to greenways and parks[Related Actions EN 1, EN 3-4CSFI 13-14, CSFI 18]
  6. Provide water and sewer service to meet growth and development demands. [Related Actions IN 6CSFI 10-11]
  7. Make Hot Springs a “Gigabit Community,” with fiber-optic cable built into the infrastructure to provide ultra-high-speed internet access as an essential way to attract new industries, their employees and telecommuters. [Related Actions NR 13]

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