1. Map and document a comprehensive Greenways and Open Space Master Plan, “The Green Network.” [Related Goals EN 1-2, EN 4-5, EN 7-9, EN 11IN 5]
  2. Map and publish in GIS areas of steep slopes (> 35%, flood plains, riparian areas, key habitat areas, significant landscapes, existing open spaces, and other sensitive environmental areas). [Related Goals EN 7, EN 11CSFI 1]
  3. Consider design standards that support the Green Infrastructure Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, Complete Streets Plan, and principles[Related Goals EN 3-4, EN 7, EN 11IN 5CSFI 1, CSFI 4]
  4. Link the Hot Springs Creek and the Greenway Trail to in-town neighborhoods[Related Goals EN 1-2, EN 4-5, EN 8ED 1CSFI 1]
  5. Assess conservation tools that protect valuable open space and agricultural lands[Related Goals EN 5, EN 7-11]
  6. Consider protecting important environmental systems, such as steep slopes, flood plains, riparian areas, and prime agricultural areas in Garland County. [Related Goals EN 5, EN 7-11CSFI 1]
  7. Consider residential tree program[Related Goals EN 11CSFI 1]
  8. Consider school tree adoption program. [Related Goals EN 11CSFI 1]

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