Neighborhoods 2

  1. Master plan/ design/ construct unique designs (signage, art, landscaping, other beautification elements) for each neighborhood. [Related Goals NR 3, NR 5-6]
  2. Engage residents and neighborhood associations in neighborhood revitalization. [Related Goals NR 3-5] 
  3. Celebrate revitalization through community-supported events. [Related Goals NR 3, NR 5ED 2]
  4. Validate individual neighborhoods' market potential and affordability[Related Goals NR 1, NR 3, NR 5]
  5. Explore Gap Funding for dilapidated buildings to support residential or business opportunities. [Related Goals NR 3-5]
  6. Incentivize accessory housing units within in-town neighborhoods through regulatory changes. [Related Goals NR 1, NR 3-4, CSFI 1]
  7. Incentivize grocery stores and restaurants in neighborhoods with low access. [Related Goals NR 2-3, CSFI 1]
  8. Develop Small Area Plans to implement Community-Based vision for focal neighborhoods. [Related Goals NR 3, NR 6]
  9. Complete a Housing Study for in-town neighborhoods. [Related Goals NR 3-4]
  10. Encourage strategic grassroots efforts to accelerate home building. [Related Goals NR 1, NR 4]
  11. Pre-approve house and redevelopment plans by qualified builders and developers to minimize development costs. [Related Goals NR 1, NR 3-5]
  12. Create a library of pre-approved house plans. [Related Goals NR 1, NR 3-5]
  13. Consider downtown and in-town neighborhoods as broadband development focus areas. [Related Goals NR 3-5, IN 7, ED 4, CSFI 6]
  14. Hold regular police and neighborhood activities[Related Goals NR 3]

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