rain gardens on Park Avenue - IMG_0102

  1. Revise street standards and Master Street Plan to include provisions for elements of Complete Streets including functional class and cross-section. [Related Goals IN 1-3CSFI 1, CSFI 4-5]
  2. Focus Complete Streets redevelopment on Grand Avenue, Malvern Avenue, Central Avenue, Albert Pike Road, and state highways. [Related Goals NR 3NR 6IN 1-3CSFI 4-5]
  3. Expand fixed-route and flexible public transit to reduce automobile dependence and parking demand. [Related Goals IN 3-4]
  4. Consider right-sizing parking requirements and also consider innovative parking management strategies downtown and across the city. [Related Goals IN 3CSFI 1]
  5. Include the needs of low-income, disabled, and older people for services, healthcare, shopping, and housing when considering transportation investments. [Related Goals NR 2-3IN 3]
  6. Quantify the cost of serving new greenfield development versus redeveloping in-town neighborhoods. [Related Goals NR 3, NR 5, IN 6CSFI 1]

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