Actions: Economic Development



  1. Establish a "City of Hot Springs Youth Arts Advisory Group" to create programs and establish funding to reflect the interests of younger residents. [Related Goals ED 2]
  2. Incentivize affordable artist workspaces near downtown or in-town neighborhoods, integrating a requirement for artists to perform or create art works for the community's benefit. [Related Goals NR 3ED 2]
  3. Create a business plan and pursue City and other funding for the Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance and Arts Advisory Committee[Related Goals ED 2]
  4. Create a "Public Art Master Plan" that identifies existing art, provides the framework for the inclusion of more art, establishes processes of artist selection, and creates funding mechanisms and policies. [Related Goals ED 2]
  5. Establish a campaign on Hot Springs' art scene[Related Goals ED 2]
  6. Explore Arts, Craft, and Maker regulatory options. [Related Goals ED 2CSFI 1]
  7. Consider aggregating food truck locations[Related Goals NR 2CSFI 1, CSFI 6]
  8. Assess Opportunity Zone incentives for food outlets and community gardens [Related Goals NR 2-3]
  9. Coordinate workforce development efforts with Hot Springs School District and regional institutions of higher learning. [Related Goals ED 3]
  10. Consider a marketing plan that makes Hot Springs, particularly the walkable in-town neighborhoods, more attractive regionally. [Related Goals ED 1, EN 8, NR 1, NR 3-5]
  11. Identify and map unique and distinct districts, such as Park Avenue, Gateway, Whittington Valley, Trident and the Four Corners, to promote their unique character to celebrate the tapestry of identifiable districts that serve multiple markets. [Related Goals NR 3-4]
  12. Establish an "Arts District." [Related Goals ED 2NR 6]
  13. Establish an "Entertainment District." [Related Goals ED 2NR 6]
  14. Develop unique branding marketing, promotion, and signs for "arts" and "entertainment" districts.
  15. Complete a Quality of Life study. [Related Goals NR 3]
  16. Map in-town neighborhoods’ vacant land[Related Goals NR 1, NR 3-4]
  17. Create an Asset Development Plan for tourist and local amenities. [Related Goals IN 4CSFI 5-6]
  18. Complete a Majestic Site redevelopment plan[Related Goals ED 1CSFI 5-6]
  19. Complete a Hot Springs Mall and environs redevelopment plan[Related Goals NR 5]


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