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  1. Revise Hot Springs Code to more consistently reflect Forward Hot Springs community vision and recommendations[Related Goals EN 5-6, EN 11NR 3IN 1-2CSFI 1]
  2. Incorporate corridor, center, node, and neighborhood performance criteria into Hot Springs Code[Related Goals NR 3, NR 6, CSFI 1]
  3. Clarify building permit and development requirements[Related Goals NR 5, CSFI 1]
  4. Consider Form Based Codes and Performance Based Zoning for key areas. [Related Goals EN 7NR 3, NR 6, CSFI 1]
  5. Develop Small Area Plans to clarify community vision. [Related Goals NR 2-3, NR 5]
  6. Assess enforcement strategies to foster better-functioning and healthier neighborhoods[Related Goals NR 3, NR 5]
  7. Research effective homelessness reduction strategies from other cities. [Related Goals CSFI 7]
  8. Implement Hope Works. [Related Goals CSFI 7]
  9. Facilitate public-private homelessness reduction coalitions[Related Goals CSFI 7]
  10. Create a city-wide Needs and Level of Service assessment for basic services[Related Goals IN 3, IN 6NR 2, NR 7ED 4CSFI 4]
  11. Create an access, services, healthcare, and housing needs assessment specific to older people[Related Goals IN 3, IN 6NR 2, NR 7ED 4CSFI 4]
  12. Define the urban streetscape along state highways. [Related Goals IN 2,-3CSFI 5]
  13. Create and regularly update a comprehensive Parks and Rec Master Plan that includes programming facilities, park space, park types, funding maintenance, in order to provide accessible, well-maintained and programmed parks, sports fields, passive parks, and open spaces within walking and biking distance from residential areas. [Related Goals EN 1-3, EN 5IN 5CSFI 2]
  14. Develop bike lanes, sidewalks, trails, greenways and rail trails to enhance walking and bicycling within neighborhoods and across the city. [Related Goals EN 4, EN 7-8NR 2, NR 6IN 1-2, IN 4-5CSFI 2-5]
  15. Include impact analysis as part of new development review, particularly in areas adjacent to greenways, floodways, waterways and protected open spaces. [Related Goals EN 5, EN 7, EN 9, EN 11ED 1CSFI 1]
  16. Consider Lighting Standards that reduce light pollution. [Related Goals EN 6-7, EN 11CSFI 1, CSFI 5]
  17. Identify gaps in development standards and incorporate acceptable and cost-effective standards that promote environmental responsibility. [Related Goals EN 5, EN 7, EN 9, EN 11CSFI 1]
  18. Coordinate city services with neighborhood revitalization and redevelopment plans[Related Goals CSFI 2-4IN 1-3, IN 5NR 6]
  19. Reexamine historic district guidelines and boundaries. [Related Goals CSFI 1]
  20. Consider public art funding programs such as "percent for art". [Related Goals ED 2]

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