Downtown Hot Springs Aerial 03 2 - color

  1. Coordinate development standards, greenway planning, parks master planning and streetscape planning to protect the city's natural and urban forest, and promote planting of additional trees[Related Goals EN 5, EN 7-8, EN 10-11CSFI 1-2, Related Actions EN 1-3CSFI 1-2, CSFI 5, CSFI 12-13, CSFI 15, CSFI 17]
  2. Incorporate focal area planning into capital investment decisions for Gateway neighborhoods, Trident district, the Four Corners, and Central Avenue including Downtown[Related Goals NR 6CSFI 2-4, Related Actions NR 1, NR 8IN 1-2ED 10-11, ED 14CSFI 4, CSFI 12, CSFI 18-19]
  3. Guide future growth and development to protect natural resources, promote a high quality of life, and ensure that growth benefits both private and public interests. 

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