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Working for the City of Hot Springs

The City of Hot Springs is made up of 21 departments, including 25 departmental divisions, consisting of more than 600 full- and part-time employees. These employees provide a full range of services, including police and fire protection, planning and community development, parks and recreation, construction and maintenance of City streets and traffic signals, public transit, water and wastewater services, stormwater management, solid waste, municipal airport, animal control and parking facilities.

Dedicated and talented individuals choose to work at the City of Hot Springs for many reasons. Along with the meaningful, community-oriented work, many employees appreciate the City's benefits package (see the benefits for Regular/Non-Uniformed Employees or the benefits for Uniformed: Police/Fire). 

Hot Springs is a growing and vibrant community with an exciting future. Tourism is the main industry in Hot Springs and the City is one of the South’s most popular vacation and convention destinations. Around seven million people visit annually. Hot Springs is in west central Arkansas about 50 miles southwest of Little Rock, and is world-renowned for its scenic beauty and thermal waters. Hot Springs National Park, the smallest and oldest of the parks in the National Park System, is located in the heart of the City of Hot Springs.

Hot Springs is also home to live thoroughbred racing and gaming at Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, Magic Springs Theme and Water Park, the 210-acre Garvan Woodland Gardens, The Gangster Museum of America, the Mid-America Science Museum and a renowned arts community with plenty of gallery options.

Hot Springs is surrounded by an abundance of natural resources, including three lakes that offer a wide variety of water sports, fishing, and entertainment opportunities.

Within the city limits and close surrounding areas, there are more than 20 public parks, more than 30 miles of walking/hiking trails, three International Mountain Bicycling Association EPIC rides, over 100 miles of bike trails and three state parks to provide venues for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, canoeing, rock mining, rock climbing and mountain biking.

About Human Resources

The Human Resources Department coordinates hiring of applicants and administers policies concerning salaries, classifications, group insurance and benefits, workman's compensation, employee awards, health and safety, training, enrichment, discipline, and grievances. This department also conducts all payroll functions.

Mission of Human Resources 

  • Recruitment of qualified individuals
  • Retention of valuable employees
  • Training, development and education to promote individual success and increase overall value to the organization
  • Providing and promoting a safe and healthy working environment
  • Inspiring and encouraging a high level of employee morale through recognition, effective communication and delivering constant feedback
  • Providing resources for administering benefits, policies and procedures

These services are all achieved by a teamwork philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts and maintaining a balance between professionalism and the ability to have fun!