Program Details

Work Site Availability
The Community / Alternative Service Program has work sites available seven days a week. The work hours vary for each site.

Release of Claims Indemnity Agreement
All participants are required to sign a release of claims indemnity agreement form and a rules and regulations form prior to placement on the Community / Alternative Service Program.

The indemnity form releases and discharges the District Court of Garland County, Arkansas, and owners of all premises on which the participant may be assigned from any and all actions, causes of action, liabilities and responsibilities for personal injury or property damages of all kinds which might occur to the participant, the participant’s property or to any other person or property as a result arising from participation in the Community / Alternative Service Program.

Transportation / Child Care / Employment Conflicts
Participants of this program are responsible for making the necessary transportation and child care arrangements in order to comply with the Community / Alternative Service assignment. Participants are also responsible for making arrangements with their employer if participation in the program conflicts with their employment schedule.

Absences will not be excused for lack of transportation, child care, or employment conflicts.

Acceptable Attire
All participants are required to wear clothing that is appropriate for the assigned work site. For your safety, shorts and/or sandals are not allowed at any of the work sites.

Participants are not allowed to leave the assigned area without permission from the site supervisor. Therefore, participants are required to bring their own lunch.