Summary of STR Regulations

  • Each STR must provide the name, address, phone number and email contact of the following:
    1. STR owner
    2. STR owner representative
    3. At least one responsible, local contact who will be responsible for ensuring the STR meets all regulations
  • Strict compliance with the Hot Springs Solid Waste Ordinance – HSC 9-1-1
  • Strict compliance by STR guests with the City’s noise ordinance – No. 6392
  • STR owner must post, in a prominent location within the STR, the following:
    1. Owner/owner representative name and telephone number
    2. Local contact person’s name and telephone number
    3. Telephone numbers for the Hot Springs Police Department (501-321-6789), Fire Department (501-321-6971) and Neighborhood Services Code Compliance (501-321-6653)
    4. The maximum number of parking spaces available onsite
    5. Solid Waste (trash) pick-up day and applicable rules and regulations
    6. A copy of the City’s noise ordinance
    7. A copy of the Good Neighbor Brochure (will be available soon)
    8. Notification that a guest, local contact person, responsible person or owner may be cited and/or fined by the City in accordance with these regulations
  • The owner shall post and maintain, in a prominent location adjacent to the outside front entrance of the STR, a placard provided to the owner by the City upon the issuance of the STR business license, which displays the maximum overnight occupancy number
  • STR must be maintained in a manner consistent with the character of the neighborhood, and shall not impair the desirability of investment or occupation of the surrounding neighborhood
  • Owner/owner representative must each use their best efforts to ensure each STR occupant does not create or contribute to unreasonable use of the property or noise/disturbances; engage in disorderly or unlawful conduct; or overcrowd the site
  • Local contact person must be on-call full-time (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) to manage the property
    1. Must be able to be physically present within 60 minutes of a request any time the property is occupied for transient use
  • Within 24 hours of a call from the City, or one of its departments, the owner, representative or local contact person must use his/her best efforts to prevent the recurrence of such conduct by the occupants and take corrective action to address any violation. Failure to timely respond to two or more calls from the City/department(s) regarding any violation is grounds for penalties
  • STRs are primarily intended for sleeping accommodations, not for parties or other large gatherings. To that end, the maximum number of occupants authorized to stay overnight (after midnight) at any STR shall be determined by the City Building Official and/or the Fire Chief, or their designee(s), and shall not exceed two per bedroom, each of which shall comply with the 2012 International Residential Code, plus two.
  • The maximum number of people authorized on the premises of a transient use site at any one time, other than overnight, shall not exceed the maximum number of occupants authorized to stay overnight, plus 50%. For example, if the maximum number of overnight occupants at an STR is set at eight, then the maximum number of people authorized on the premises, other than overnight, cannot exceed 12.
  • Each designated off-street parking space(s) and any driveway at an STR shall be made available for use by overnight occupants of that site. The minimum number of off-street parking spaces required for an STR’s overnight guests shall comply with the applicable residential requirements set forth in Title 16 of the Hot Springs Code of Ordinances.
  • Commercial functions and other similar events are prohibited at an STR.