Information Systems

Information Systems operates and maintains the city's computer system, providing city departments with financial and management data through various networks.

Information Systems also monitors Municipal Court, police information and reporting systems, and the city's geographic information system (GIS). The city utilizes a variety of systems, including PC networks and IBM AS/400 mid-range servers.

  • Maintains central processing and network hardware, security, operating systems and data communications systems
  • Maintains, enhances, and develops many financial integrated computer system applications
  • Provides internet / intranet and email services
  • Provides local and wide area network, fiber-optic, and wireless services to city departments
  • Provides Garland County with IT / GIS services
  • Provides for microcomputer hardware and software specifications
  • Provides microcomputer hardware and software installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repair.
  • Provides citywide coordination of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services and databases
  • Provide a secure information system
  • To maintain central processing and network availability
  • Assess city information management needs and determine the best means of utilizing automated technology to address those needs
  • Ensure that the city's automated systems are being used to their full potential