Information Systems

Information Systems operates and maintains the city/county computer systems, providing city/county departments with applications and management data through a varying network infrastructure.

Information Systems uses a variety of hardware and software systems, including desktop PCs, L2/L3 networking with T1/Fiber/Cat6, VMware virtualization, VMware vSAN Storage, and ShoreTel VOIP phone systems.

Information Systems also maintains the city/county geographic information system (GIS).


  • Maintains central processing and network hardware, security, operating systems, and data communications systems.
  • Maintains, enhances, and develops many financial integrated computer system applications.
  • Provides Internet / Intranet and email services.
  • Provides local and wide area network, fiber-optic, and wireless services to city departments.
  • Provides Garland County with information technology / GIS services.
  • Provides hardware and software specifications for all technology.
  • Provides hardware and software installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, and repair.
  • Provides citywide coordination of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) services and databases.


  • Provide a secure information system.
  • Provide business continuity in a Disaster Recovery situation.
  • To maintain system and network availability.
  • Assess city information management needs and determine the best means of utilizing automated technology to address those needs with increasing efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Ensure that the city's automated systems are being used to their full potential.