Public Safe Rooms in Hot Springs & Garland County

There are public Safe Rooms available when there is an active tornado warning in the area. These shelters were made available through federal funding.


During school hours, students and district staff are the priority for Safe Room occupancy. The community will only be admitted after all the students have been sheltered.


These shelters will automatically open when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning and will remain open only until the warning is lifted. Afterward, the Safe Rooms must be evacuated. 


Smoking or the use of tobacco in any form is prohibited in Safe Rooms and on all school property in accordance with Arkansas law.


The possession of any firearm/weapon and/or illegal drugs or other contraband on school property is prohibited.


Please note, each district has different rules and policies concerning its Safe Room(s).


Public Safe Rooms:

(more information and safe rooms will be provided when available)

*During active tornado warnings, the Safe Room will only be available to the public outside of school hours. 
During school hours, the Safe Room is exclusive to students and staff of the district.