Earth Angel Update


Did you know? Every part of the aluminum can is recyclable, you don’t have to prepare it in any way, other than to rinse it out. Be the Earth Angel of your block and encourage your neighbors to participate, help the elderly to get their recycling to the curb, take the initiative to start something great.
Start recycling today!
For more information about the Earth Angel Recycling program please call the
Sanitation Department at 321-6911. 

Last week the Earth Angels of Hot Springs recycled:

93 lbs. -Aluminum Cans
5,199 lbs. -Newspaper
327 lbs. -Corrugated Cardboard
16,980 lbs. - Yard Waste
21 lb. - Phone Books
A total of 11.31 tons of recyclable materials were kept out of the landfill!


Collection Schedule

03/21/14 - Hobson/Plain
03/24/14 – Quail Creek/Lotus Loop
03/25/14 - James/Millcreek
03/26/14 – Park Ave. Magnolia /Circle Dr.
03/27/14 - Oaklawn Park/Pine Meadows
03/28/14 - Whittington/ Quapaw-Prospect


Information provided by Samantha Norwood, City of Hot Springs Sanitation Department