Earth Angel Update

Earth Angel

In 2018, more than 52 million tons of paper products were recycled, which is roughly the same weight as almost 350,000 blue whales. 


Recycling helps save energy. 


By recycling one glass bottle, it can save enough energy to either light a 100-watt bulb for four hours, power a computer for 30 minutes, or keep a television going for 20 minutes.


For more information about the Earth Angel Recycling Program or to get involved, call 501-321-6911, or sign up online at


Last week, the Earth Angels of Hot Springs recycled:

249 pounds - Aluminum cans

63,820 pounds - Commercial cardboard

1,437 pounds - Corrugated cardboard

135 pounds - Newspaper

830 pounds - Plastic grades No. 1 and No. 2

38,640 pounds - Yard waste and C.A.P.S.


Last week, a total of 52.55 tons of recyclable materials were kept out of the landfill!


Collection Schedule

Friday, August 5 - Whittington Avenue/Quapaw Avenue-Prospect Avenue

Monday, August 8 - Majestic Park/Oaklawn Street-Henderson Street

Tuesday, August 9 - Richard Street/Airport Road-Family Park Road

Wednesday, August 10 - Grove Street/Files Road-Higdon Ferry Road

Thursday, August 11 - McAuley Court-Greenwood Avenue

Friday, August 12 - Hobson Avenue-Plain Street