Planning Commission

About the Planning Commission

The commission reviews all land development proposals within the city and subdivisions outside the corporate limits to insure compliance with the Zoning Code.

Members serve a term of 3 years.

The nine-member commission's duties and responsibilities are enumerated found in H.S.C. §16-1-1.


  • 6 p.m.
  • Second Thursday of the month 
  • Board Chambers
    City Hall
    133 Convention Blvd.
    Hot Springs, AR 71901

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Tricia Michelle
District 1
LeDante Walker
District 2
Joe Goslee, Jr.
District 3
Brian White
District 4
Wayne Thomason
District 5
Mike Dugan
District 6
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Until filled

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Rick Ramick
At Large
Hiliarie Dzianott
James Bart
Alternate 1
Karie Hobby
Alternate 2
Baker Jackson
Alternate 3
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The Planning Commission is an appointed body that reviews matters related to planning and development. The commission holds public hearings on a regular schedule to consider land use matters. These include such things as subdivisions, rezone requests, conditional uses and large-scale or multiple building development. The Planning Commission shall consist of nine(9) members. There shall be one(1) member who resides within each of the respective six(6) districts within the corporate limits of the city, and one(1) additional member who resides, at large, within the corporate limits of the city. The remaining two (2) members shall reside within the city’s duly established planning jurisdiction but outside the corporate limits of the city as authorized by A.C.A 14-56-405. At least two-thirds (2/3) of the membership shall not hold any other municipal office or appointment except membership in the board of adjustment or a joint planning agency. The planning commission members shall serve three (3) year terms. The terms of office for each member shall be so established such that no more than three (3) terms shall expire in any given year. No member shall serve more than three (3) consecutive terms, or any part thereof.


The Planning Commission shall have such powers as necessary to carry out the duly adopted comprehensive plan, subdivision code and zoning code and other duties and responsibilities as authorized by A.C.A ’ 14-56-412. (Hot Springs Municipal Code 16-1-1.2)

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