Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Services

The Hot Springs has two wastewater treatment facilities that collect, treat, and transport wastewater for more than 37,000 customers. Hot Springs Utilities serves not only the citizens of Hot Springs, but also to large unincorporated areas of Garland County.

A network of approximately 713 miles of wastewater lines collects sewage from service areas in the city and county. Because of the nature of lake terrain, more than 120 pump stations and 4,500 grinder pumps transport the sewage to the wastewater treatment plants where it is treated and then discharged into Lake Catherine.

Hot Springs Wastewater: From CAO to Cutting Edge

This 11-minute video details recent advancements made to the city’s wastewater system, using a professional planning team and cutting-edge technology, at the halfway mark of a 10-year improvement plan mandated by the EPA.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe healthful living environment through effective collection and treatment of the City’s wastewater.

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