Support Operations Bureau

The Police Department’s Support Operations Bureau includes Criminal Investigations, which is made up of detectives serving in our Crimes Against Persons Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Street Crimes Unit, Crime Scene Unit, Nuisance Abatement,  and members of the Drug Task Force.

The Violent Crimes Unit investigates homicides, rapes, assaults, robberies, child abuse, and domestic battery. The Property Crimes Unit investigates burglaries, thefts, forgeries and fraud. The Street Crimes Unit works street level narcotics and prostitution, along with assisting other units with investigations when needed.

The Drug Task Force is comprised of officers from the Hot Springs Police Department, Garland County Sheriff’s Department and the Arkansas State Police. This unit is coordinated through the Garland County Prosecutor’s Office (18th Judicial District East). The Drug Task Force works narcotics cases throughout Garland County. Nuisance Abatement assists both Street Crimes and the Drug Task Force in investigations involving residences used in illegal narcotics activity. Nuisance Abatement also deals with problem locations that require an abnormal amount of police response (i.e. bars, nightclubs, rental property, etc.).


  • Criminal Investigations
    • CID Detectives
    • Street Crimes Unit
    • DTF Detectives
    • Nuisance Abatement
    • Intelligence/Crime Analysis
  • Records Section
    • Records Clerks
    • Warrants Clerk
    • Property/Evidence
  • 911/Communications Center
    • 911 Operators/Dispatchers
  • Information Systems