Public Information and Community Relations

PR horses
Our Public & Community Relations Office is responsible for issuing and publishing press releases at the direction of the Police Chief. They also represent the department at various public events, conduct public education presentations and perform recruitment duties with the aim of introducing exceptionally qualified candidates to the exciting career of law enforcement. The next time that you attend a public event like an expo, a charity function, a block party or a community ceremony or holiday celebration look around; you may see one of our officers there. If so, come over and introduce yourself. Meeting new people is one of the things that they do best.

In law enforcement the work of informing the public and building community relationships never ends so in addition to their normal responsibilities this segment of our department has also become accustomed to juggling a packed calendar in order to meet the needs of a variety of community programs, classes and events that our agency offers to the public and still make time to participate in programs and event held by other agencies and community organizations. 

It takes a lot of energy, enthusiasm and versatility to be an effective Public Information Officer. At any hour of the day or night they may be called upon at to perform in the capacity of mediator, liaison, teacher, host, cheerleader, radio personality, coach or recruiter (in addition to their duties as sworn police officers). Whether it's a puppet show or plane crash these poised, professional and dedicated officers are consistently the calm voice and the friendly face of local law enforcement.

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