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The Hot Springs Police Department is the first fully accredited law enforcement agency in the state of Arkansas having achieve the distinction on October 22, 2015.

The Hot Springs Police Department continues with our research and development of policies and procedures to ensure that our practices meet the criteria of more than 125 law enforcement "best practices" established by the accrediting body, the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police. These "standards" are related to minimum training, hiring practices, operational issues, policy development, documentation, use of force, K9 operations, SWAT operations, evidence storage, communications and many other functions and elements of the department, all of which must pass the ongoing rigorous scrutiny of the Accreditation Board.

The accreditation process, which the Hot Springs Police Department successfully achieved on October 22, 2015, culminated in the inspection and evaluation of the department's overall operations. Those practices were found to be balanced against the established national and state "best practices" models and qualified our department for the honor of this prestigious endorsement. The accreditation has earned our department one of the rarest distinctions and recognition by leaders in the industry as a meticulously examined and professionally organized police department ranking us among the "Best of the Best" law enforcement agencies in the nation.

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