Nuisance Abatement

The Nuisance Abatement Program was adopted by the City of Hot Springs and the Hot Springs Police Department in September 2003 and is a cooperative effort of many city departments including Code Compliance, Property Maintenance, Police Department and the City Attorney’s Office. The program was instituted to help combat the sale of drugs in our neighborhoods and it also address other nuisance activity within the city such as prostitution, illegal sale of alcohol and other acts of disobedience that have the potential to negatively impact otherwise safe and peaceful environments.

When a site has been determined to be a nuisance civil action can be taken against the owner of the property and/or any person facilitating the nuisance. The city can elect to request a restraining order against the property that give the police the authority to immediately evict all persons within that structure and board up all the windows and doors.

This program has also been used to increase the Police Department’s involvement with landlords in the community. There are services and literature available through the Nuisance Abatement Office to assist local landlords with screening and background checks of tenants, lease agreements, evictions, educational information regarding drug manufacture and drug sales and guidance on both landlord and tenant rights according to state law.

Detective Jeff Stracener leads the Nuisance Abatement program and he can be contacted at the Hot Springs Police Department by one of the methods shown on the right of this page. If he happens to be out of the office conducting an investigation please leave him a voice mail because your concerns about nuisance issues that affect our community are very important to us.