Stormwater Education

The city stormwater division has a variety of educational materials that have been developed to assist the general public, contractors and local businesses in maintaining compliance with stormwater regulations.  The division's goal is to educate and inform the public about water quality.  The educational resources have been developed to be quick references for common practices that should be considered and employed  to prevent water pollution.  Unlike sanitary sewer from restrooms and kitchens, stormwater is not treated or filtered in any way prior to being discharged into the nearest stream and ultimately into Lake Hamilton or Lake Katherine. The division will gladly present on-site education for local contractors, civic organizations or groups of interest.  Please contact the Stormwater Manager or Coordinator to discuss an educational opportunity for your organization.

Common sources of stormwater pollution
Sedimentation is the main cause of water quality degradation in the state.  Although sedimentation does occur through natural erosion, construction activities contribute to the majority of sediment that reaches our water bodies.  Other common pollutants include: landscape debris, detergents from wash waters, concrete, trash, debris and food related wastes.
Check out the brochures below to see what you can do to reduce stormwater pollution in Hot Springs!

Protecting Water Quality from Urban Runoff
Landscape Maintenance
Car Washing
Concrete Washout, Dewatering and Saw Cutting
Construction Site Compliance
Food Services
Poster for Food Service Professionals

Check back soon for other publications!  We will be uploading additional educational materials as well as publications in Spanish.

Nationally Recognized Stormwater Certifications