Crime Analysis

The Crime Analysis section conducts tactical, strategic and administrative analysis of crime in the city in an effort to better visualize the needs of the community, aid in the development of manpower deployment and to highlight specific crime issues so strategies can be developed to address them. At times Crime Analysis may also do some predictive analysis to try to determine when and where deployments might be most effective and make those recommendations as needed. In some cases, by examining trends and certain crime characteristics, crime analysis can help determine if a crime is merely a pattern or if it is serial event. By studying those characteristic more closely and applying some complex analytical techniques these skills have even been known to reveal the identities of the criminals involved.

Mike Simmons is the Crime Analyst for the Hot Springs Police Department serving under the direction of the Support Operations Bureau. He has over 30 years of experience in the law enforcement industry and has been previously certified in a wide variety of disciplines as both a certified officer and as a specialized technician. He is a 2011 graduate of The Alpha Group Center for Crime and Intelligence Analysis Training, a nationally recognized block of instruction, receiving his certification in Crime Analysis Applications.

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State and local crime statistics are available to the public via the Arkansas Crime Information Center