Stormwater Inspector Certification

Initial Certification

The City of Hot Springs Stormwater Division offers a Stormwater Certification Class for anyone who will be conducting construction site stormwater inspections.
Within the city limits of Hot Springs, it is required that the all stormwater inspectors must have completed this class with a passing grade of 80%. The class consists of laws, regulations, SWPPP’s, videos, erosion and sediment controls, inspection procedures and an exam.

Special / individual classes are available for an additional price ($125 per person). The special / individual classes are not guaranteed, and are evaluated on a case by case basis. Certification are good for 2 years

The division does strive to accommodate those who seek stormwater education, anyone interested in the course is strongly encouraged to contact the Stormwater Coordinator to discuss individual circumstances. 


Prior to expiration, inspectors who would like to renew their certification must submit payment of $50 and attend the next stormwater class.  The exam consists of true and false questions.  If the certification is past 30 days of expiration then the class will be the full price.

Next class will be December 6, 2019. The deadline for registration is Dec 4, 2019. Please turn in the Class Registration form by that date.

Class Registration Form

Sept. 4th, 2019 

ADEQ class

Cole Southerland
Mary Barnett
Danielle Harbin
Ashlon Wasko
Christina Brown
Faizan Khan