Crime Solvers Tip Form

crime solvers
Our Crime Solvers tip form was designed to give members of the public the means to report valuable information about unsolved crimes anonymously over the internet. Tipsters may use the form and remain totally anonymous or they can provide their name if they wish. To ensure the users' anonymity the online submission form is available to any visitor, even if they are not logged into our site. The only information transmitted by the form is the input from the user. In other words, the form only transmits what is typed in the form fields. It does not transmit your email address, I.P. address or any other bit of information that identifies the sender to us. Since we do not know who the tipsters are, users can rest assured that they will never contacted about their tip by the police unless they type their name and telephone number on the form and ask to be contacted.
Every year in this country tipsters are instrumental in helping to solve ten of thousands of crimes. In many cases without a tipster's help the investigation's trail may well have ended without anyone receiving justice under the law. We are extremely grateful to those who have taken the time to step up and do what they can to make our community a better and safer place to live.


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