Sport Recreation

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The City of Hot Springs Sport Recreation Department offers a wide variety of sport recreation services and programs.  These programs occur throughout the year and are offered to reach the recreation needs of our citizens and visitors of all demographics. We strive to offer progressive and traditional programs that are managed at high level of professionalism and quality. Sport Recreation administers programs and events in-house as well as collaborates with other recreation entities and associations to produce events for the public.  

Adult Spring/Fall Softball
Men’s Lower League Industrial
Coed Industrial
Men’s Upper League Industrial
Men’s Lower Church
Men’s Upper Church
Coed Lower Church
Coed Upper Church
Men’s Senior League (50+)
Adult Draft Leagues
Adult 16” Softball Industrial
Girls Spring Softball
4-6 Year Old Coach Pitch
8 & Under machine Pitch
10 & Under Machine Pitch
12 & Under Live Arm



3-4 Year Old Indoor Soccer Only
6 & Under Indoor and Outdoor
8 & Under Outdoor
10 & Under Outdoor
12 & Under Outdoor
14 & Under Outdoor
Men’s Hispanic League Outdoor (18+)

Other Sports 
Women’s Volleyball
Adult Coed Kickball
Flag Football


Sport Recreation offers/partners on several events as well. These include the Annual Senior Olympics, multiple softball tournaments (youth and adult), Ultimate Frisbee, tennis instruction and tennis groups.

As  a new department, we are looking to add outdoor recreational programs including Mountain Biking, Disc Golf, Walking Clubs, Futsal, Outdoor yoga, Coed Beach Volleyball, Women’s Basketball and Trail Running Clubs. If you are interested in volunteering and developing existing or new programs, please contact us.