Majestic Property Redevelopment

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Situated within the Hot Springs Historic District, the former Majestic Hotel property presents an opportunity for greatness. The five-acre site once was home to the Majestic Hotel, located at the intersection of Park and Central avenues, and was known as one of the most famous hotels in the South from 1892 to its closure in 2006. The fire that destroyed much of the historic Majestic Hotel on February 27, 2014, did not just burn a landmark, but created a movement to redevelop and preserve our famed downtown that still carries forward today. Following the remaining building’s demolition and remediation of the site, the property is now posed for redevelopment. To submit your ideas and input for the Majestic Property Redevelopment, please fill out the form here.

The City of Hot Springs, along with our partners at the University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design and the Kansas State University, Technical Assistance to Brownfields, are excited to begin the visioning process for the Majestic Property Redevelopment. The redevelopment planning will focus on four guiding values: Enhance economic opportunities; Improve the local quality of life and enhance the visitor experience; Celebrate the natural wonder of our thermal water; and Respect the arts, culture and history of Hot Springs.

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