Comprehensive Plan Update for the City of Hot Springs

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Design Workshop was selected by the City of Hot Springs to work with city staff, leaders, and residents to create Forward Hot Springs, an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The project integrated all previous and ongoing plans with new features, policy recommendations, and development strategies for generations ahead. Together, Design Workshop, city leaders, and the community determined how Hot Springs can evolve into an even more dynamic, prosperous and enjoyable place to live.

“Hot Springs is special; we want to promote a built environment that reflects Hot Springs, its unique landscape and culture by providing better housing choices and urban design, by preserving and promoting character, by protecting historical assets, by providing walkable streets and adequate parking, and through equitable access to common goods and services,” said Kathy Sellman, City of Hot Springs planning director. 

The nine-month process to create the Comprehensive Plan update included a robust civic engagement process, whereby Design Workshop discovered insights from our citizens on what makes Hot Springs such a special place. The plan will guide investment across a wide range of areas, including transportation, parks, utilities, public services, historic preservation and land use guidelines. Prioritized for near-term, mid-term and long-term actions, the plan’s recommendations will help the City elevate the quality of life and potential for its citizens, while protecting and nurturing the many things that make Hot Springs unique.

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