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  1. Communicate
  2. De-Escalate
  3. Get Help
  1. Calm yourself before bringing up a complaint
  2. Focus on behaviors and not interpretations
  3. Avoid the use of "always" and "never"
  4. Use "I" statements
  5. Say what you need instead of what you don't 
  6. Keep it specific
  7. Beware of your non-verbal messages
  8. Apologize for your contribution
    • Admit to what's yours/when you were wrong
  9. Give them a chance to speak
    • Look for mutual understanding
  10. Listen carefully
  11. Be respectful
  12. Look for compromise
  13. Try visualizing yourself in their shoes
  14. Take a time-out
  15. Don't give up
  16. Ask for help, if needed

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Cool Down Hot Springs is the City's most recent effort to help prevent violent situations, and it came about following a Community Roundtable hosted by the Hot Springs Police Department (HSPD) on August 7, 2019. 

The HSPD emphasis the importance of the community remembering to call 9-1-1 or the police department at 501-321-6789 as the HSPD is ready to answer and respond to any situation. But as was discussed at the Community Roundtable, solving the issues relating to interpersonal and domestic violence involves more than the services provided by the HSPD. These include community services relating to abuse, counseling, criminal justice and legal services, hotlines, mental health, and other resources available in our community.

Communicate, De-escalate, and Get Help are three important actions to keep in mind in a conflict situation. Whether from the HSPD or from another resource, there is help for both victims of violence or would-be violators.

Please see our list of resource links on this page from the Ouachita Region Resource Guide.  Please reach out to us at 501-321-6789 for additional help or information.

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Criminal Justice and Legal Services


Mental Health

All resource links are provided by the Ouachita Region Resource Guide.