Lock it or Lose it

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Nobody wants to be a victim of crime, but if you leave your purse, computer, tools or other valuable items in your auto, you’re increasing the risk that you will become a theft-from-vehicle victim.

Surprise Police report that approximately 60 percent of all thefts from vehicles are the result of people leaving their car doors unlocked or leaving items of value in the car where would-be thieves can easily spot them. The message- if thieves can see it, they will steal it.

By simply locking the doors of your vehicle and by taking valuable items with you or hiding them in a locked trunk, you can dramatically reduce the risk of being a crime victim.

Police also remind drivers that home garages are for parking vehicles, not for storage. By removing your vehicle from the street or driveway, you lessen the chances of a thief breaking in to steal a car stereo, or even the entire vehicle

 What are thieves looking for? The answer: EVERYTHING

This includes: audio equipment; cash; purses; cell phones; tools; clothes; driver’s licenses and other personal documents; check books; luggage; cameras; anything of value or personal identification. 

*And if a thief manages to get anything on it with your personal information, including a social security number, you are now in danger of also becoming an Identity Theft victim.

 Quick tips to prevention:

  • Lock your doors (at all times) and close the windows and take keys with you
    • Carry your keys close to you as you approach your vehicle.
  • Don't leave your car running
  • Plan your trip before leaving the house
    • Regardless if it's hot or cold out, or if the engine is running - never leave young children unattended in a vehicle. 
    • Are my pets welcome where I'm going? Should I leave them at home?
  • Park in secure/well lit location
    • Park in your home garage
    • Park where there's lots of traffic
    • When possible, use monitored parking
    • Install high placed motion sensor lights at home
    • Trust your instinct and do not park in places that do not feel safe
  • Don’t leave valuables out in plain site, lock them in a trunk or take them with you
  • Protect your audio system
    • remove the faceplate and make it look less attractive
  • Invest in an anti-theft system
  • Tint vehicle windows
  • Don't roll your window down the whole way if a stranger approaches
  • When stopping for fuel, take the keys out and lock it when going in to pay
  • Use a steering wheel lock
  • Lock scooters and/or motorbikes and spare tires to something solid
  • If the vehicle is already been tampered, alert your neighbors, chances are the thief will return to the area

Lock it or Lose it! The key to preventing theft from vehicles starts with YOU!