Airport Safety

Crash Fire Rescue

Airports present special hazards to rescue and response personnel. It is vital that Crash Fire Rescue (CFR) personnel be familiar with the airport and airport staff coordination during non-emergency situations to ensure proper procedure is carried out in a safe and efficient manner during an emergency.

The Hot Springs Fire Department (HSFD) trains at least once a week, every week, at the Hot Springs Memorial Field (HOT). This training is referred to as Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF). Through these weekly trainings, HSFD can work on taking special precautions to protect themselves from situations including unburned jet fuel, damaged aircraft fuselages, and even aircraft engines.  

The ARFF Training programs also include emergency communications systems, use of equipment and agents, aircraft evacuation, cargo hazards and adapting structural equipment for aircraft response.

Annual Hot Burn ARFF TrainingIMG_2490

Airports with commercial airline services are required by the Federal Aviation Administration to meet 14 Code of Federal Regulations Part 139 certification. These certification standards mandate annual recurrent training, design standards for training facilities and adequate equipment requirements.

Once a year, HOT is home to the Annual Hot Burn ARFF Training. The HSFD and sometimes a few other Fire Departments from surrounding areas gather for a week long training.  A part of that training is for the crews to practice live fire exercises on life-size simulators from Missouri State University.