Statement from Hot Springs City Manager Bill Burrough regarding COVID-19

Any rumors of an upcoming shut down or shelter-in-place imposed by Hot Springs City management are not true. There have been no discusses to that effect, and that is not a decision that would be made by one person or at the local level. The coronavirus COVID-19 situation has been and will continue to be a fluid one. Should more extreme mitigation efforts be necessary at a future point, Homeland Security has outlined services that are deemed essential, meaning our society will continue to function with the supply chain industry remaining intact so that our grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, and so on, will continue to operate. Our City departments of Police, Fire, Public Works, Solid Waste, Water and Wastewater, etc., will also continue, no matter what mitigation measures are taken.

This ever-changing pandemic has brought all of the United States together, the whole world together, to fight and work toward overcoming this unique global challenge. At the local level in Garland County and Hot Springs, I am extremely proud how quickly collaborative efforts have streamlined our response. Judge Darryl Mahoney and I, as well as the task force, have remained in constant contact and continue to work to help secure needed supplies for our hospitals and clinics. Through a relationship with Sigma Supply, we were able to get 850 of the medical-grade face masks, Tyvek suits, plastic aprons, 10,000 sterile swabs and 40 no-touch thermometers. We will continue to support any way we can through our task force.

As of this afternoon, Arkansas has 118 confirmed cases. Garland County remains in the 5-10 cases category. We are far from reaching the peak of the spread, which state health leaders predict could be 5-6 weeks away. Please continue to practice the guidelines of social distancing and handwashing. Stay informed through, which will be updated with facts about the state and local response.